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For those of you who visited an animal shelter to "adopt" a pet or volunteer your time with a rescue group, you understand who your “Who” really is. It breaks the heart of most to see the cruelty and abuse that these poor animals have suffered. Each year some 8 to 12 million neglected and abandoned dogs and cats enter animal shelters. Only 25% are adopted from these shelters and most will have to be euthanized or live out the rest of their lives in small cages waiting... and waiting... The countless shelters, rescue groups, adoptions centers and animal foster homes do an incredible job with the scant resources that are available. The needs keep growing and the funding just keeps getting harder.

Our “WHO RESCUED WHO?®” Foundation started years ago as just a saying, a slogan on a car magnet or a T-Shirt. Little did we realized the depth of that simple adage would become a powerful brand that conveys the love that both the “rescuer” and the “rescued” have for each other. We are convinced that in many instances of these wonderful adoptions, that the “rescuer” has become the “rescued”. Over the years, we have heard many heartfelt stories about these “rescues”; not only how these abandoned animals find a loving home through the kindness and generosity of a new family, but the purpose that they supplant on their “rescuer”.

Our “WHO RESCUED WHO® ” reality TV show will focus on the human lives that these wonderful animals affect via their own “rescue”. We will take you around the country to various animal shelters and show you how some of the lives of our human “rescuers” have become rescued themselves. Many are the “small” stories in life; like the elderly parent who has just lost a spouse and loses their will to live until a rescue cat comes into the home and gives a new meaning to life... or the troubled teenager; bullied, outcast and alone…who finds a loving friend in a homeless dog that no one else wants to adopt... or the sick young child that lives in a world of hurt and finds a new 4 legged friend that gives her hope to fight the next day. These seemingly “small” stories will make your tears well in heartfelt warmth. At the end of each show, we will highlight some animals at that particular shelter to help them “Rescue” someone. as well as read some e-mails about some of the stories that we have heard. . The audience will then be able to make the decision of... "WHO really RESCUED WHO?®"

In addition to this wonderful reality TV show, the “WHO RESCUED WHO?®” Foundation will offer merchandising opportunities to large and small retailers that will carry branded products with the “WHO RESCUED WHO?®” logo. Proceeds from the sales of these items, along with profits generated from the “WHO RESCUED WHO?®” Reality TV show will be distributed to participating Shelters around the Country

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